5.2 Trend Overview

The Trend Overview captures all of the valuable detailed claim information that is contained in Claims Review and trends it over a specific time frame (usually two years) to illustrate the impact on a quarter by quarter basis.

Trend Overview

The Trend Overview provides a breakdown of how Plan, Member, and Discount contributions were applied to the total charges submitted by providers, plotted quarter over quarter.

Trend analysis overview 1

Trend Overview is designed to simplify the task of breaking down all submitted charges from providers over a period of time. The above chart provides a visual colored depiction on the savings received from discounts applied due to network contracts as well as the amount contributed by the Plan Sponsor and employees.

Green - Plan
Yellow - Member
Blue - Discount

The colored areas then correlate to the legend area below by showing detailed claim information from start and end dates for each quarter based on time period displayed on the reports.

Trend analysis overview 2

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