8.7 Employee Impact Report

The Employee Impact Report can be used to measure the effect modeled changes have on individual employees in the covered population. The first chart displays an impact breakdown for employee participants, spouses, and dependent children:

Plan modeler disruption top

The Affected column shows the percentage of members affected by modeled changes. This is calculated by dividing the number of affected members by the total number of members that incurred claims in the time period.

The Average Change shows the average amount of change across all impacted members.

Individual Impact

The bottom area includes a list of the participants with the greatest amount of impact. The Actual Paid column displays the amount of expense the participant incurred under the original plan, while the Model Paid column shows the amount of expense the participant would have incurred under the modeled plan. The Change column displays the difference between the actual and model values.

Plan modeler disruption bottom

Clicking on a participant allows you to drill down into more detail on the underlying charges incurred by the participant family and how they were adjudicated under each of the actual and modeled plans.