2.4 Browsing Reports

The recent report list is the first page displayed when you sign in and can also be accessed by clicking the Analysis and Reporting tab:

Toolbar analysis and reporting tab

The list includes the most recently saved reports and plan models across all groups in reverse chronological order and is meant to convey as much high level information about the report as possible, including the reports overview graph.

NOTE: Reports are not displayed in the report list until they are saved.

Browsing reports
  1. If a different sub-tab is selected, click on the Recent Reports sub-tab to view a list of recent reports.

  2. The name or title of the report. This is assigned when you save or rename a report. Clicking the report title opens the report.

  3. The Company / Group the report was run on. Clicking the group name narrows the report list to only that group's reports.

  4. Various other high level details about the report including the covered time period, the report's age, and the name of the user that created the report.

  5. A thumbnail of the report's summary graph.