2.5 Browsing Groups / Companies

Planwatch supports multiple groups. A group typically corresponds to an individual organization but can also include multiple organizations, such as school districts, in cases where multiple levels of hierarchy are required for analysis.

The Groups tab is used to browse and manage groups.

Groups tab

NOTE: If you are a plan sponsor or have access to a single group, the Groups tab is not displayed.

The list includes various pieces of information about each group with links to other groups related resources.

Manage groups
  1. The group's name - click to see all previously run reports for the group.

  2. The group's configured plan calendar and date range for loaded claims data. The dates displayed are based on the date claims were paid.

  3. Edit group information and settings, such as the organization name and first day of plan year.

  4. The number of reports saved for this group. Clicking the link allows you to browse reports for the group.

  5. The number of users with access to the group. Clicking the link allows you to manage user access for the group.

  6. The number of active employees and total members based on group eligibility information. Active Exployees is the total number of employee lives covered by the group at present. Total Members is the total number of historical covered lives (including dependents) - this includes inactive members.