4.9 Member Relationship Analysis

The Member Demographic Analysis includes three reports designed to show enrollment statistics as well as cost distribution across the covered population: Member Relationship Analysis provides a high level overview by employee, spouse, dependent and gender; the Member Age Group Analysis charts enrollment and cost by age band and gender; Member Age/Relationship Analysis combines the first two reports to show enrollment, costs across age groups and gender in each relationship category.

The Member Relationship Analysis can be used to determine enrollment activity and per member cost for employees, spouses, and other dependents.

Claims review member relationship analysis 1

The Percentage of Claims graph shows how claims were distributed between employees (green), spouses (yellow), and dependents (blue) while the Percentage of Plan Paid graph shows how dollars paid by the plan sponsor break down between each relationship group.

**Note that clicking on a specific relationship category drills down for further enrollment investigation. Please refer to the Drill Down section.

Claims review member relationship analysis 2

The bottom report generates medical enrollment and expenses by gender.