4.11 Member Age Group Analysis

The Member Demographic Analysis includes three reports designed to show enrollment statistics as well as cost distribution across the covered population: Member Relationship Analysis provides a high level overview by employee, spouse, dependent and gender; the Member Age Group Analysis charts enrollment and cost by age band and gender; Member Age/Relationship Analysis combines the first two reports to show enrollment, costs across age groups and gender in each relationship category.

The Member Age Group Analysis report shows enrollment statistics and cost allocation by gender and age band. The default age bands increase in increments of five years with the exception of a single category for members seventy and older.

Claims review member age group analysis

The graph displays for each age group the medical enrollment and the average per member per month amount paid by the plan sponsor for both male (blue) and female (pink) population. The colored areas then correlate to the legend area by age group and gender number, showing annualized Plan Paid, the Average Plan Paid by gender and Plan Paid per member per month.