4.2 Analysis Overview

The Analysis Overview report provides a breakdown of claims activity as well as information on which areas of the plan have the greatest amount of impact on the plan sponsor and member.

Claims review charge breakdown

The Charge Breakdown is designed to simplify the task of explaining the distribution of responsibility between each of the various payer entities. The pie chart provides a visual colored depiction of how the total billed charges were adjudicated. The colored areas then correlate to the legend area showing actual dollar amounts.

Impact Overview - Provides a high level financial overview of plan dimensions that have the greatest impact for the plan and member. The Plan Impact table takes the most costly items for the plan sponsor while the Member Impact table takes the most costly items for the member population as a whole.

Claims review impact overview

The Impact Overview provides a recap into the remaining report sections by showing the most costly category or entity for each of the major areas of plan analysis. These Impact Overviews are further defined in the various Claims Review Report Sections.

**Indicates reports available with drill down capabilities for further claim investigation.*