3.2 Viewing Reports

All reports share a common surrounding interface providing quick access to common operations such as flipping through sections, printing, adjusting time periods, etc. The following graphic shows the relevant common elements:

  1. The section's title and general information about the report, including the group, time period, and whether the time period is based on paid or incurred dates.

  2. Current section operations:
    Help-book - Go to the help and documentation page for this section.
    Export-excel - Export the current section to Excel.
    Print-21x21 - Export the current section to PDF.

  3. The type of report.

  4. The sections of the report - click a section to view.

  5. Various operations that may be performed on the report, including saving / renaming, editing report settings, and deleting reports.

  6. Links to exporting all sections to either PDF or Microsoft Excel.