3.2 Viewing Reports

All reports share a common surrounding interface providing quick access to common operations such as flipping through sections, printing, adjusting time periods, etc. The following graphic shows the relevant common elements:

Report interface
  1. The section's title and general information about the report, including the group, time period, and whether the time period is based on paid or incurred dates.

  2. Current section operations:
    Help book - Go to the help and documentation page for this section.
    Export excel - Export the current section to Excel.
    Print 21x21 - Export the current section to PDF.

  3. The type of report.

  4. The sections of the report - click a section to view.

  5. Various operations that may be performed on the report, including saving / renaming, editing report settings, and deleting reports.

  6. Links to exporting all sections to either PDF or Microsoft Excel.